The two prints used within the OGB x F.ROZE collaboration were inspired by abstracted floral forms with a touch of graffiti. The conversational, statement patterns are formed through an experimental design process, layering a melting pot of mediums, from spray, gauche and acrylic paints to liquid chalk, and stencil work, to create joy inducing prints designed to enliven everyday products. 


Richmond’s primary source for inspiration is city street art:

“I’ve always been drawn to street art and graffiti. I love the way different artists overlap and melt together in these expressive works that use a city as its canvas. Graffiti requires a really bold, confident approach to lines and colour, and I try to emulate that in my work.”

Freya Roze Richmond, Founder, F.ROZE


Following a first degree in Printed Textile Design for Fashion with Business Studies at Brighton University, Richmond honed her expertise in experimental textile design and manufacturing during a two year tenure as Head of Print for luxury British fashion designer, Richard Quinn. She since has continued to print design for various brands, collaborates on exciting projects and also founded F.ROZE after seeing a gap in the interiors market for luxury designs with a daring, outlandish edge. www.freyarozeworld.com 

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